Irish Football FX

Discover the
Great Game.

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We play the original beautiful game. And it's the most fun you'll ever have participating in a sport. Promise. 

Irish (Gaelic) football is now one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. And you can play it, too. Join us for fun drop-in matches nearly every weekend. And yeah, it's absolutely free. 

The sport's incredible growth makes sense: There's lots of scoring, and it combines a range of sports (soccer, basketball, ruby, volleyball, team handball) for an amazing workout. 

Photography by Gary Dize



There are countless reasons why Irish football is a blast, can use your hands (that's right, we're looking at you, soccer); it's a great workout; it combines all of your favorite sports and a few you never considered; and, at least with our club, we play co-ed matches. 

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We have fun, every week, without fail. Our club has everyone from teens to, um...people who don't bring up their age any longer. 

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Kids are always welcome to join us on the pitch. Best news: They'll have a league of their own this fall! Fairfax Police Youth Club begins an Irish football program in September, the first of its kind in the DC region. 

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Here's a guarantee: If you come out and play, you'll be hooked—for life. The sport delivers, and our club is filled with great people who simply want to have some weekend fun while competing. 

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