HomeGrown in Fairfax City

Tracy Neill (left) and Sage Grimmell doing what they do.

Tracy Neill (left) and Sage Grimmell doing what they do.

Over the past five years, we’ve had people from around the planet and the DC area play with us. Hell, last summer a young dude walked up and told us he wanted to play. Turns out he’d been in the country for three weeks…from Iran. (For the record, he was pretty talented on the pitch.)

And then there’s our homegrown crew. Specifically, players in their teens and 20s who grew up in Fairfax City, attended our schools, and played in house soccer, lacrosse and other leagues on some of the very fields where we now play.

Case in point: Tracy Neill and Sage Grimmell. Both are excellent athletes who took to our game a few years ago and embraced it with their usual female swagger.

We’d expect nothing less from Fairfax City women. They’re some kind of wonderful.

(Here’s to another great spring season, which wrapped up Sunday. Good news: Our Summer Thursdays program begins after Memorial Day, with matches every week from 7ish until dusk at Van Dyck Park. It’s all free, and everyone is welcome. Thanks to Gary Dize for the pictures below. Now that baseball season has begun, he’s a busy guy — he shoots for the Nationals — so we truly appreciate him coming out and capturing the fun.)

Michael McCarthy