Summer Matches: A Big, Fat Success

James (foreground) covered by Wonder Kid, Tim Sabene

James (foreground) covered by Wonder Kid, Tim Sabene

We'd never done this before. Play during the summer, that is.

During the four years and eight seasons this club has been around, summer just seemed like a humid afterthought. This isn't Dublin; this is the Amazon on the Potomac. 

But cooler heads prevailed in late spring, and a few people suggested that playing late in the day on WEEKNIGHTS (say, either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the weather) might work perfectly. 

It has. The crowds have been great. The level of play has been strong. And those late-day shadows bleed onto and cover the entire pitch by the time we start at 7:30. 

Upshot: It has been a summer to remember for the club. See you on the pitch this week!

Thanks, as usual, to GARY DIZE for coming out and shooting these images during our last match. As a photographer for the Potomac Nationals, he's a busy guy, so we're appreciative of his time and effort. 

Michael McCarthy