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The Rugby Invasion
(left to right) PJ, Nate, Ray, Sean and Chris

(left to right) PJ, Nate, Ray, Sean and Chris

The big question rugby dudes (and dudettes) ask when they play Irish football for the first time is pretty simple: "Can we tackle?" 

When they hear the answer (um, no), they usually grin and say something along of the lines of "what's the point?" Plenty, of course. And as newcomers (and rugby players) PJ, Ray and Chris learned today, the game boasts lots of rules that make the game a blast. (They were invited to play by fellow rugby teammate and long-time Irish footballer, Sean Reilly. Thanks, man.)

So, if you're keeping score at home about today's appearance by these gents: 

1. The rugby dudes had fun.

2. The rugby dudes picked up the game faster than you can say ruck and maul. 

3. The rugby dudes said they'd be back. 

Amen. See you next week.