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The Rugby Invasion
(left to right) PJ, Nate, Ray, Sean and Chris

(left to right) PJ, Nate, Ray, Sean and Chris

The big question rugby dudes (and dudettes) ask when they play Irish football for the first time is pretty simple: "Can we tackle?" 

When they hear the answer (um, no), they usually grin and say something along of the lines of "what's the point?" Plenty, of course. And as newcomers (and rugby players) PJ, Ray and Chris learned today, the game boasts lots of rules that make the game a blast. (They were invited to play by fellow rugby teammate and long-time Irish footballer, Sean Reilly. Thanks, man.)

So, if you're keeping score at home about today's appearance by these gents: 

1. The rugby dudes had fun.

2. The rugby dudes picked up the game faster than you can say ruck and maul. 

3. The rugby dudes said they'd be back. 

Amen. See you next week. 



Girl Power
(From left) Amandine, Lucy, Sage and Christian

(From left) Amandine, Lucy, Sage and Christian

Never overlook the power of the double-X chromosome. 

Our club doesn’t, and for good reason: Women kick some serious ass on the pitch. Yesterday, we had three ladies play for the first time with us: Amandine, Lucy and Christian. (Christian's older sister Sage, a GMU freshman, has been playing with our club for three years, and is nothing short of a studette on the pitch.) 

Amandine, who’s French and was hooked to play by one of the club's long-time regulars, Eric, was a natural. Her passing was crisp and smart, and, yes, it definitely looked like rugby was part of her past. (Hint: It was.)

As for Lucy and Christian, two high-school sophomores who anchor the starting lineup for Fairfax High School’s girls’ lacrosse team, the game was, as Lucy later said, a blast. “It was confusing for a minute, but then we got it immediately. It’s like every fun game you’ve ever played all mixed in one—only with that guy Andrew Healy saying really funny stuff while he referees the match. He cracks me up.” 

Will the lax girls return? Lucy said she’s already recruiting. 

It’s the power of the game, people.

In With the New
Sean Coyle (left) and Bobby McCormick. Yes, Bobby, we're digging the hat. 

Sean Coyle (left) and Bobby McCormick. Yes, Bobby, we're digging the hat. 

We never get tired of new faces. 

Some folks find us online. Some get cornered by a coworker who can’t stop talking about the game. And some might even be walking through the park and get reeled in to play. 

They all have one thing in common: They never leave. 

This week, we had two new gents on the pitch with us. Sean Coyle used to play in New York before moving to Arkansas, where there is (ahem) zero Irish football. He arrived in the DC area recently, did a Google search and found us. He hadn’t touched a ball in four years, but we couldn’t tell. The guy was a beast. 

Bobby McCormick, another newcomer and a local (Oakton High grad), said after today’s match, “I have no idea how I got on your email list, but I’m glad I did.” Bobby was also money on the pitch, and, yes, he managed to play in the hat (can’t say we’ve seen that before), which provided its own kind of Sunday-afternoon magic. Keep on playing, dude.

It was a great match today, graced (and refereed) by Andrew Healy, the ambassador of Irish football in the area; he’s a brilliant and funny mashup of PT Barnum, Don King and your favorite uncle who may or may not be invited back to Thanksgiving dinner. We love the guy.