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All in the Family
Father-Daughter Dynasty: Seth and Sage Grimmell

Father-Daughter Dynasty: Seth and Sage Grimmell

At one point during the match on Sunday, a young woman split a couple of male defenders like they were two creaky subway doors closing.

Once free, she made a quick lateral movement to her left, cradled the ball and kicked it—all in one, fluid motion. 

She was 30 yards away from the goal, and the ball sailed through the uprights. She could have made it from 45. 

The heroine was Sage Grimmell, and one of the two defenders was her dad, Seth, who is an original members of our club. He convinced Sage, now a freshman at GMU, to join us three years ago, and she has been coming nearly every week since. This particular father-daughter combo is at once supportive and, well, pretty damn competitive. No quarter is given by either party. 

Sage excelled at varsity soccer in high school, and she now showcases those skills on the Irish football pitch. And Seth? We’re guessing he’s glad when they’re on the same squad. 

Cheers to you both.    


In With the New
Sean Coyle (left) and Bobby McCormick. Yes, Bobby, we're digging the hat. 

Sean Coyle (left) and Bobby McCormick. Yes, Bobby, we're digging the hat. 

We never get tired of new faces. 

Some folks find us online. Some get cornered by a coworker who can’t stop talking about the game. And some might even be walking through the park and get reeled in to play. 

They all have one thing in common: They never leave. 

This week, we had two new gents on the pitch with us. Sean Coyle used to play in New York before moving to Arkansas, where there is (ahem) zero Irish football. He arrived in the DC area recently, did a Google search and found us. He hadn’t touched a ball in four years, but we couldn’t tell. The guy was a beast. 

Bobby McCormick, another newcomer and a local (Oakton High grad), said after today’s match, “I have no idea how I got on your email list, but I’m glad I did.” Bobby was also money on the pitch, and, yes, he managed to play in the hat (can’t say we’ve seen that before), which provided its own kind of Sunday-afternoon magic. Keep on playing, dude.

It was a great match today, graced (and refereed) by Andrew Healy, the ambassador of Irish football in the area; he’s a brilliant and funny mashup of PT Barnum, Don King and your favorite uncle who may or may not be invited back to Thanksgiving dinner. We love the guy. 


Easter Weekend: Playing Was Divine
Grudge match: Young Tim marking up against (youngish) Tim

Grudge match: Young Tim marking up against (youngish) Tim

While some of our footballers were on the road or otherwise occupied with a bacchanalia of chocolate for Easter weekend, we just had to play.

The weather: 60 degrees with nary a cloud in the Fairfax City skies.

We had a great crowd (nearly 25 peeps, with a late arrival from a college kid named Jack ... it was damn good to have him back on the pitch again). What's truly cool about our club is the number of new people who show up each week and end up telling us they're hooked. 

Those new disciples this week were Chris and Bryan. Thanks for showing up, gents. You were awesome. 

A big thanks, as usual, to our resident photographer (who also shoots for the Washington Nationals) Gary Dize. You are one good dude, dude...