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Easter Weekend: Playing Was Divine
Grudge match: Young Tim marking up against (youngish) Tim

Grudge match: Young Tim marking up against (youngish) Tim

While some of our footballers were on the road or otherwise occupied with a bacchanalia of chocolate for Easter weekend, we just had to play.

The weather: 60 degrees with nary a cloud in the Fairfax City skies.

We had a great crowd (nearly 25 peeps, with a late arrival from a college kid named Jack ... it was damn good to have him back on the pitch again). What's truly cool about our club is the number of new people who show up each week and end up telling us they're hooked. 

Those new disciples this week were Chris and Bryan. Thanks for showing up, gents. You were awesome. 

A big thanks, as usual, to our resident photographer (who also shoots for the Washington Nationals) Gary Dize. You are one good dude, dude...