Q: Wait. What Is Irish (Gaelic) football?

A: It’s a great mash-up of soccer, rugby (well…rugby light; there’s no tackling), basketball and volleyball…and maybe a few other sports we haven’t considered. Unlike soccer, there’s lots of scoring, and there’s no off sides.

In fact, you can find clubs throughout the United States in more than 50 cities—from San Fransisco (where the U.S. national championships for men and women were played last year) to right here in Greater Washington, D.C. region. Our Fairfax City club is part of that mix.

Here's a taste of it (no, we look nothing like this on the field...)


Q: I’ve never played soccer or any of those other sports, does it matter?

A: Nope, not in the least. You’ll pick up the game quickly, and learn the essential skills after just one drop-in match.

Q: Drop-in matches?

A: Each Saturday or Sunday evening (depending on the weather), we draw anywhere from 18-30 people (men and women), and we simply choose up sides and play for 90 minutes, more or less, with a referee and awesome new goal posts.

Everyone plays, and everyone touches the ball, and no one gets marginalized. You’ll be hooked after one match.

Q: I have some athletic pride, so I don’t want to look like an befuddled ass when I come out to play. Is there any way I can practice beforehand?

A: We get it. That’s why we have a 30-minute clinic for newcomers every week before our drop-in matches.

We teach the basics of the game and run through a few light drills that will help when jumping into a match.

Q: Does it cost anything to play?

A: Nope. And likely never will.

Q: What do I bring each week for drop-in matches?

A: Water, cleats (we play on grass), as well as a light and dark shirt (we split teams up that way).

Q: May I invite friends?

A: Absolutely. Spread the word. Again, no experience necessary; we’ll teach you the game…men, women and teens.