Thanks for showing up. 

So, you're probably thinking...what is Irish (Gaelic) football

Great question. And it's one asked by many people reaching out to us for the first time. It's a mix of soccer, rugby, basketball, volleyball, team handball and likely some other sports you've played. 

Above all, know this: The sport is a blast, and our club (established in 2014) is all about fun.

We have drop-in matches all spring and fall on Saturday or Sunday afternoons at Van Dyke Park in Fairfax City. And, if the weather cooperates, we play a handful times in the winter.

There is no experience necessary to play. We invite men, women and teens to jump into the fray. 

Here's a quick video that gives a little flavor. (No, we don't always play on Sundays...Saturdays are fair game, too). 


Reach out to the club founder, Mike McCarthy, at to get on our weekly email list. 

“I wanted a real adventure to happen to myself. But real adventures, I reflected, do not happen to people who remain at home...”
— James Joyce, "Dubliners"

8 reasons why you'll love playing 

  • It's free. We don't collect any dues, Lotto tickets or exotic jewelry to play.
  • Everyone is welcome—seriously.
  • You can learn to play in 10 minutes or less.
  • You can use your hands (that's right, we're looking at you, soccer). 
  • We play co-ed matches (our women are exceptional and otherwise badass).  
  • It's a great workout and perfect cross-training.
  • Our club members are great peeps.
  • We have been known to hit up Auld Shebeen after matches.